Back to Base Monitoring

Though it is indeed possible to act as your own alarm monitoring centre, you run the risk of delayed response times and incorrect responses caused by a lack of industry experience and understanding. Across the security industry, many experts believe that the safest and most effective option is to employ back to base monitoring. When you choose VACSEC to operate as your commercial alarm monitoring service, you can trust that we’ll have the necessary emergency services provider deployed to your residential or commercial premises, ensuring that an appropriate response is promptly provided.

How Back to Base Monitoring Can Benefit You

Enjoy 24/7 surveillance from our security monitoring center when you sign up with VACSEC for our residential and commercial alarm monitoring service. Should you encounter an emergency situation at any time of the day, we will instantly call for assistance to the police, ambulance or fire department as per your pre-arranged instructions.

There are many advantages to using VACSEC’s alarm monitoring centre for your home or business. These can include:

  • Having confidence in the knowledge that your commercial or residential property is safely and completely secure from burglaries and other incidents.
  • Fast response times – important when you’re in the midst of a critical incident and you want to protect your family or staff members, or when valuable possessions are at risk.
  • The ability to detect and fix specific faults in your security system from our security monitoring center.
  • With self-monitoring, if you happen to be on your phone you may miss notification of a critical incident. With back to base monitoring, we’ll take care of things until you’re available once again.
  • A commercial alarm monitoring centre can determine whether smoke alarms have been activated, as long as they are connected to the alarm system. Your mobile phone as a self-monitoring mechanism does not have that ability.

Safeguard Your Premises Today

For effective back to base monitoring that protects your home or business, choose VACSEC and enjoy prompt response times to emergency incidents when you need them most. If you would like to learn more about our residential and commercial alarm monitoring services, contact our team online today or call 1300 233 211.