Electrical Services that Melbourne Residents Can Trust

Unless you’re planning to live like you’re in the 18th century, electrical services are an absolute necessity to ensure you can make use of all the systems and appliances that are found in modern homes and businesses. In the 20 years since we first started learning the trade, VACSEC has developed the knowledge and experience to provide some of the best electrical services in Melbourne.

Whether you’ve moved into a new home, intend to renovate a home, or require electrical services for your place of business, the experts at VACSEC can provide you with electrical services in Melbourne that you can call on time and time again. We only employ certified electricians who are licenced to carry out proper electrical wiring and installations, making us completely self-sufficient and capable of delivering services that are superior to our competitors.

Our Range of Electrical Services

Here are just some of the electrical services in Melbourne that we can provide:

  • Installation of phones, data, lighting and power points
  • Wiring for ventilation, heating and cooling systems
  • Assembly, installation, testing, and maintenance of electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus and fixtures
  • Installation of internal and external sirens (including strobe lights)
  • Diagnosis of malfunctioning systems, apparatuses and components using test equipment and hand tools to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem
  • Advice on whether continued operation of equipment could be hazardous
  • Solar panel wiring and installation.
  • Structured Cabling
  • And more

Arrange Electrical Services Today

At VACSEC, we are committed to providing electrical services in Melbourne that are focused on quality and take the specific needs of our clients into account. Contact us today to request a free no obligation quote or arrange an appointment.