Home Automation Systems in Melbourne

Ever wondered as you left for work on the train, or stepped into the taxi on the way to the airport, whether you’ve left the oven or iron on? Another lifetime ago, we would have had to turn back and check, possibly wasting our time, but now with home automation systems available, those moments of fraught panic can be a thing of the past. If you’re looking for comprehensive home automation installation services that ensure your Melbourne house operates like a finely tuned machine, contact the team at VACSEC for trusted service and advice.

How You Can Benefit from Home Automation Installation

Home automation can take many forms. These are just some of the ways that VACSEC can automate your home to make your life not just easier, but more energy efficient too.

  • Central monitoring is available – smart wiring can send voice, email or text notifications. If your landline has been disabled, it can even contact the authorities.
  • Control the lighting throughout your home. Dim the light in some rooms and keep others well-lit. Control fans, blinds or even shades to create the best ambiance for any occasion.
  • Listen to audio anywhere in your house via Bluetooth, or control it wirelessly with a remote control, smart device or touch screen.
  • For entertainment purposes, seamlessly close curtains, lower the TV screen and activate all audio/visual equipment.
  • Surveillance images can be sent to your smart device if day/night detectors are activated by motion.
  • Look in real-time at footage of any camera through your own smart device from anywhere in the world.
  • Reduce your energy expenditures by automating water heaters, temperatures or pumps around the house. Temperature and humidity sensors can detect the surrounding environment and know when to activate thermostats and when to conserve energy.
  • With smart wiring, you can activate all thermostats from your smart device. You can walk into a nice, cool house in the middle of summer (or a warm house in winter) from work by setting the temperature on the way home.

How to Control Home Automation

Home automation installation enables you to operate many different platforms and systems, including:

  • Devices installed in-wall on the premises
  • PC Applications
  • Smart device access
  • Keypads, key fobs or pendants
  • Programmable wall switches
  • And more

VACSEC home automation systems can also incorporate programmed sets of activities that involve numerous individual applications. By selecting ‘day mode’, for example, the system can switch on bathroom lights, heat your towels, find your preferred radio station, and start getting your coffee ready. At the other end of the day, ‘night mode’ can switch off most lights, close the blinds, and activate perimeter alarm detection simultaneously. With home automation installation, no longer do you need to worry about whether you’ve done everything before you go to work or go to bed!

Install Home Automation in Melbourne today

In the 21st century, we tend to savour anything that makes our busy lives that little bit easier, and home automation systems provide the convenience that does just that. If you’d like more information or need a quote for home automation installation in Melbourne, get in touch through our online contact form.